Happy Kit: Organizing kit / bullet journal – to print

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Happy kit : my organizing kit to print

 I have recently created an organizing kit to help me regain motivation. So I’m so happy to share my “Happy Kit” with you! A planner kit that you can find every month on my blog. This monthly organizing kit contains print sheets so you can stick to your goals and be the best version of yourself on a daily basis.

I used to hold a journal but I needed change and new things in my organization. And I thought why not create my own bullet-journal spreads to print!  I wanted it simple and effective. No fuss. That’s why this organizing kit is made up of only 3 pages.

An organizing kit to become the best version of yourself


A weekly planner with a to-do list, an activity tracker to better track your habits, a shopping list to complete, a space of to fill out your gratitudes, a mood tracker and a space to organize your menus and workout.  

a monthly planner

A monthly planner to get an overview of the month, look back at your happy moments of the month, write down your goals, set a saving goal. You can also take part in the challenge of the month! 

to-do list

A special printable sheet to rate and follow your to-do by project or goal


An organizing kit to...

Make room for you and your dreams 

Organize yourself, set your priorities and simplify your life

Say goodbye to procrastination and regain the strength to pursue

Write and lay down your ideas to develop a real commitment to yourself! 

Make room, “destock” your mind to live your life better and achieve your goals 

Change your long-term habits and follow your wellness routine with the activity tracker 

Challenge yourself, regain self-confidence and evaluate your progress

1 month = 1 happy challenge

This month, I invite you (me too at the same time) to get up 30 minutes earlier than usual! I’ll be honest there too, I really have trouble getting up in the morning. A very bad habit that I intend to give up now because I have goals to keep (and you too)! Here are the 3 benefits to get up 30 minutes earlier:

1 – Being more mindful 

Instead of being in the rush, getting up a little earlier in the morning will allow you to have more time to be and enjoy the present moment to attack the day well. Be aware of your body when you wake up, drink your tea or coffee in full mindfulness… and better appreciate it!


2 – Being more positive 

Even if the first few days are going to be difficult, you have to think that getting up 30 minutes early will reduce your morning stress. You will take the time to do things and focus on your day ahead. Result: you will leave home in a good mood!


3- More room for the organization

Waking up ealier will give you the opportunity to organize yourself better and not forget anything before leaving (your meal, your coffee …). Take advantage of this moment to organize your thoughts and leave quietly!


Some tips for getting up:


Planify your morning so you’re motivated to get up and define the reason why you want to do it. Ask yourself: why do I want to get up in the morning?

Much easier to get up if you’re looking forward to it and if you know why!

Examples: making pancakes, drinking your vitamin smoothie, doing 15 minutes of yoga outdoors… Find yourself a reason to get out of bed!

You can follow this challenge on the calendar by noting small smileys on each square of the month as soon as you hold your resolution.  It will motivate you even more to keep going! Try to make this little effort this month and then hold this resolution for life!

This month, I invite you to list the 5 bad habits that you want to give up on 2020. A great challenge to start the new year on the right track! Let’s leave behind the daily habits that prevent us from moving forward and being at the top of our game! You can download your printable of the month without further delay and take up the challenge by clicking HERE. If you want to get your complete happy kit every month, do not hesitate to subscribe to my newsletter just above. Thanks to you 💛

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Don’t hesitate to identify me on social networks, if you use it and if you take up the challenge of the month. REALLY, I’ll be so glad to see those little printables at work! If you’re new around here, don’t hesitate to support me and follow me on social media.

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A line = a good habit to track every day. For example, doing your workout, practicing meditation or reading. Note all the good habits that you want to incorporate into your routine and check the box of the day when you respect it. It will motivate you not to let go! 

Make your own “mood” legend, either by coloring the “mood” boxes with a single color, or by drawing specific patterns. Each day, depending on your mood, color or draw on the box of the day. A relaxing activity that will allow you to come back to you, refocus your attention on the present moment and welcome your emotions.